Kick the Habit Forever

46 Million Americans Smoke and are subjected to: 

The social stigma of cigarette smell on their breath and clothes

Having to stand outside in rain, snow and heat to smoke 

Much higher risks of disease and early death


Improve Your Health

Save Money

Breathe Easier

Here's the good news! You don't have to live that way ever again! 

US News and World Report states that, each year, over one million Americans quit smoking forever! You can enjoy: 


More Energy

Dollar Bill in Jar

Thousands of Dollars in Savings

Happy Family

Better Quality of Life


Studies show that those who use hypnosis to quit smoking have a nearly 150% higher success rate than those using other methods. 

Adam uses the same, evidence-based techniques to help you kick the habit and start enjoying your new life of freedom! 

I have no desire whatsoever for a cigarette and it's been easy! I have only tried using my willpower before -- it was unpleasant and never really stuck. I have no doubt that I will not start smoking again after being hypnotized by Adam! -- Beth P. 

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3. Kick the Habit Forever 


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Kick the Habit! Quit Smoking For Good!

We know that willpower and determination, alone, are not sufficient to overcome a smoking addiction. In fact, even though we all know the damage smoking does to our health, millions still continue to smoke. Smoking cessation, then, is not a matter of personal strength and certainly is not a matter of logic. Smoking is, in fact, an entirely illogical thing to do. 


So ask yourself this question: have you ever tried to use logic with an illogical person? How did that work out?  Smoking is complex and emotional and logical solutions can be hit or miss in their efforts to help you quit smoking forever. 


Fortunately, quitting smoking can be easy with hypnosis! Hypnosis allows you to access the illogical part of your brain which controls your emotions and can help you eliminate the desire to stop smoking altogether! Additionally, hypnosis can help you learn healthier stress relieving techniques for use in your daily life.

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